Piece Me Together, RAW SODO Place, Seattle


Garment – Sculpture, fabric based sculpture

This body of work serves as a reflection of my artistic career and evolution as a new college graduate. Both pieces are the result of further exploration from my last exhibition “Dinosaur in the Cage”, where I first coined the phrase “Garment- Sculpture” --- a fabric-based sculpture or installation that is not functional and not meant to be worn or seen as clothing. A Garment – Sculpture is a conceptual representation of my ideas executed in fabric form.

Piece Me Together explores the malleable nature of memory and mindsets. Each piece of fabric used on the Garment – sculptures contain a specific episodic memory of my life, and signify my growth both as a young artist and a person. Pieces of fabrics are attached with safety pins, not sewn with thread and needle, which reflects the ephemeral storage of sensory memory, malleable and ever changing nature of thoughts and direction.

Featured Materials:

  • Silk dress – 100% silk, hand dyed using lac (dark purple) color in my Junior year of college. Hand draped and sewn on machine. Started the conceptual development of garment – sculpture.
  • White chains – Sample fabric pieces collected from Central Saint Martins, renowned fashion institute in London, UK. Marks my memory of my study abroad experience in CSM, discovering methods of creative research and meeting world class designers.
  • Tulle dress – First design project under the supervision of my mentor. Collaborated with dress-maker friend.
  • Pastel pink + Blue mercerized cotton – A f*cked up weaving warp. A wrap is a chained up set of threads/yarn with specifically calculated thread counts and color coordination. It is meant to be ‘dressed’ onto a weaving loom and made into a pattern. I made a mistake on the thread count so the entire 3yds worth of cotton was not useable. Memory of big failure in which I stashed on my shelf till now.

  • Screenprinted Self Portrait – Exploration of using myself as a medium. The screenprinted image features myself wearing pieces of my last project “Dinosaur in the Cage”. 



RAW: Natural Born Artists

RAW is an international for-profit organization supporting emerging artists, designers, make-up artists, photographers and other creatives within the first 10 years of their careers. RAW shows have launched all over the US as well as international locations such as London, UK and Melbourne, AUS. 

Scouted as a representative of the Seattle Creative community, PIECE ME TOGETHER was created specifically for the June RAW show in Seattle along with my 2D collage series, NOT HUMAN.

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